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Covid19 FAQ's


The Savage family’s highest priority is the health of our employees, guests, neighbors, family, and friends. As we do our part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, you will see a different Wakeda during the 2020 season. We thank you for your support, patience and understanding during these uncertain times. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be allowed to open for the season (albeit with many restrictions) and we look forward to making the most of things during this stressful and challenging time.

COVID-19 UPDATE (AS OF 5/13/20):

As we begin our 55th season, we are faced with unprecedented uncertainty. The COVID-19 virus has affected all areas of life as we know it. We realize that you are as anxious for Wakeda to open as we are. To that end, we have been in contact with state and town officials. Our policies are based on their requirements. As of this writing (May 13, 2020), please be aware that the NH beaches are closed until further notice. You may check the status online at www.hamptonbeach.org.

Please see the most current answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions, please email us at info@wakedacampground or call us at 603-772-5274. The office is closed to guests but staffed daily and we will answer all calls and messages as promptly as possible.

If you, or anyone in your party is feeling sick, or if anyone might have been exposed to the virus, they are to stay home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Wakeda open for the 2020 season?
  • Wakeda will open for all Seasonals on May 15, 2020. Seasonals are considered "members" according to Governor Sununu’s 5/1/20 update.
  • We are only allowed to operate at 50% occupancy for the month of May (and perhaps longer). Our seasonals make up nearly 50% of our sites so this means we are unable to use most of our remaining sites.
  • For the month of May (and perhaps longer) we are only allowed to accept short term reservation from residents of New Hampshire. Seasonals (“Members”) are allowed to be from out of state.
2. I have a short-term reservation for the 2020 camping season, and I need to cancel, due to COVID-19. Will I get my deposit back?
  • Yes, you may cancel your reservation and you have a few options regarding your deposit. You may select one of the following:
    1. We can provide you a refund of your deposit minus a 3.5% processing fee.
    2. You may change your dates to a later time during the 2020 season (based on availability) and the full deposit amount will be transferred to the new dates.
    3. You may apply your full deposit toward new dates for the 2021 season.
3. Will the Buildings and Amenities/Facilities be open?
  • Unfortunately, no. None of our buildings will be open, except for one laundromat next to the Trading Post.  This means there will be no access to the office, toilets, showers, coffee shop, Trading Post, dog park, playground, or mini-golf.  Campers must use their own facilities and must be totally (100%) self-contained.
  • The office will be closed to guests for the month of May. Staff will be working but will be working from the porch. Most of our guest interactions will take place over the phone (603-772-5274) or from a distance out on the porch. We will have new signage and directions out front. Please be patient with us during these challenging times. We are doing our best to still provide excellent customer service from afar!
  • As the season progresses, we hope to expand the use of the campground.  This decision will be based on local and state government suggestions/requirements.
  • The Wi-Fi hot spot at the Trading Post will still be functioning. However, the building itself will be closed. There are picnic tables scattered around the area (at least 6’ apart) and you are also welcome to sit in your car.
  • Wood and ice will be sold outside the office. Payment can be taken over the phone.
4. Are visitors permitted?
  • Visitors (daytime and nighttime visitors) are not permitted at this time. We do hope that policy will change as the season progresses.
  • Contractors you hire for repairs or services are allowed but must sign in at the office.
5. Is the drinking water safe?
  • Yes. COVID-19 has not been detected in drinking water. Our Wakeda well water is still exceptional drinking water and we will, of course, continue our monthly water tests as required by the state of NH.
6. We are camping outside in the woods. Do we still need to social distance?
  • YES! Wakeda will remain open ONLY if our campers follow all guidelines:
    1. 6’ distancing
    2. No group gatherings larger than 7 people
    3. We encourage masks to be worn whenever you are outside of your trailer, but they MUST be worn when in the campground office (when it reopens) in the laundromat, and anywhere else where you may be in contact with people outside of your immediate family.
  • Social distancing is still required in all surrounding towns. Masks are always recommended to be worn in public and you should follow all CDC hygiene guidelines including washing your hands frequently or using 70% alcohol hand sanitizer whenever soap is not available. Please continue to be good neighbors and abide by these guidelines even while you are on “vacation”. Wakeda is surrounded by small towns and these folks are relying on you to continue being safe and cautious while you are visiting our town(s).
7. Should we plan to pack differently during the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • Yes! Please try to bring as much with you as you can in terms of food, supplies, and family entertainment. Most facilities at Wakeda will be closed (the campground store, coffee shop, game room, etc.). The area restaurants are currently closed or offering limited take-out. Many local grocery stores are limiting the amount of people let into the building at one time, which can cause delays. Bringing as many supplies with you when you come will help limit the amount of interaction you need to have with the local community.
  • Some family members might want to spend more time on electronic devices. Since we do not have WiFi at individual campsites we recommend that you talk to your cell phone provider to find out about options for having your own “hot spot”.
8. Is Hampton Beach open?
  • As of this posting (May 13, 2020) Hampton Beach (and all surrounding beaches) are currently closed. Parking lots along Route 1A are also closed. For timely updates click Hampton Beach.
9. Can I still make reservations for this season?
  • We are accepting tentative reservations, over the phone, for all sites and all guests (New Hampshire and out-of-state residents.) for dates after June 1, 2020. These are tentative reservations only and completely dependent upon (among others) the state/town officials increasing the rate of occupancy at Wakeda, allowing out of state guests, and permitting us to open bath/shower buildings. We will not be taking deposits for these reservations. We will contact customers a week prior to the expected start of the reservation to confirm whether or not we will be able to honor the reservation, or if we’ll need to reschedule for a later date in the season or cancel it.
  • Reservations are required. We are not permitted to accept guests who show up without reservations. Please call us to make a reservation prior to arriving.